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Feb 11, 2009
[h1]Man Breaks into Jail for Sex with Girlfriend[/h1]
A horny German man who broke into jail at night for sex romps with his imprisoned girlfriend faces a stretch behind bars himself, The Sun reported Monday.

Daniele Eberhardt, 33, was arrested after other female prisoners complained that he and his unnamed lover's "grunts and groans" kept them awake at night and made them feel "frustrated."

"It was like a bad porno movie," one inmate said.

Eberhardt climbed up a ten foot fence, evaded surveillance cameras and used a skeleton key to get in the jail in the city of Bielefeld, northern Germany.

Prosecutors said he will go on trial for trespassing next month.

must of been some good {}.
Jun 4, 2008
Originally Posted by rocman23

now hes gonna get raped in jail, smart move

Inmate #1: Im in for killin some dude at the parkin lot.
Inmate #2: I made 2.5 mil in bank robberies.
Simp Inmate: I broke into jail to make sweet love to my wife.


Its a wrap for ol dude.
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