What stores have a good Jordan selection in Chicago?

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Well, im in chicago for a little getaway, and I was wondering some personal favorite stores in the windy city. I know I can look at google and what not but I would like to get some personal opinions...any help?
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I think it depends on what you're looking for.

Im not too familiar with ALL the stores but if you are looking for the newer stuff the obvious would be niketown, as for older stuff I really have no idea what small stores sell any old heat....Would love to know as well since I will be going up there in a few weeks
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There is a regional section. I m sure that a lot of people from Chicago can help u there.
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If your looking for Jordans, then go to NikeTown. Most of the mom n pops in the chi don't carry too many J's because they are limited and sell out - like the KO.
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EnCore its two blocks away from Wrigley field, hope u have fat pockets
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Haha yea I figured I'd have to spend a little bit of money, I found some littler stores but wasn't looking to travel so far from downtown. I'll have to plan a little more next time I only spent a night here. Thanks for the ideas.
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Downtown - Niketown (Michigan Avenue), Leaders 1354 (on Wells), Self Conscious (just west of the Loop)
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Originally Posted by FLINTGREY

Downtown - Niketown (Michigan Avenue), Leaders 1354 (on Wells), Self Conscious (just west of the Loop)
I don't think LDRS has a JB account.
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I've been plenty of times and know Niketown and all but figured there are some smaller ones I wasn't aware of, always next time

Lake Shore Drive

Formerly 'SLP'
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Akin and St Alfred's are my two favorite spots.
Dont forget the House of Hoops @ North Riverside Mall.
If you go early check out SNYX out by Madison and Pulaski (remember go early).
Also check out the Nike factory store out on 85th and Cottage Grove they always got some really good deals on a lot of stuff.
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Kuts&kicks are a consignment boutique/Barber shop so what they have is always changing. Bring lots of cash here as well as Solemates.
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