What the Flip!!!

Joined Dec 23, 2006
Just walked to my car and found a note on it saying - 
Everyone on the block HATES this car b/c it's alarm. I would FIX the alarm before your car gets VANDALIZED
I immediately interpreted this as a threat. 

Cops said it's not a threat, but rather they will fine me $800 if they heard the alarm go off. What the FLIP!!!!

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Joined Feb 15, 2009
Originally Posted by SIRIUS LEE HANDSOME

You're "that guy" on your block. The one everyone dislikes
The one that calls the cops every time when people playing football in the streets.
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I just stared at the spoiler for like 5 minutes.

Maybe you should get your alarm fixed.
Joined Feb 25, 2009
you should record your car for next couple weeks and catch the person tryna vandalize your car
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Originally Posted by wanksta23

you called the cops?

on another note...fix the alarm then
Nah, I didn't call the cops. I was pissed when I got the letter and stood there for like 10 min. 
Cops drove by while I was there so I stopped them and asked. That's when they told me I would be fined $800 if they caught it ringing. 

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Joined May 22, 2009
I'd suggest getting your alarm fixed since it seems to be bothering all your neighbors to the point they want to vandalized your @!#%
Joined Nov 14, 2008
get your alarm fixed and have your car under a security camera, if they try anything, you'll have proof that you fixed your alarm yet they still tried
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