What were they thinking!? Vol super fresh haircut OH YEAAAAAH!

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one dude that goes to my school said hell get any haircut if i pay it.
so we go to a local barbershop and i told dude to get the kool aid man on the back of his head,
this dude agreed, so here are the pics
hahaah the barber did a horrible job, he kept messing up and the haircut literally took 4 hours, no joke.
i basically paid for dudes haircut, but im not tripping it was worth the laugh and i wouldnt take that for free.

dude has to work after tomorrow, i wanna see what his manager says to his bald #%*

i know NT loves pics.

lemme know what you guys think, imma show dude the post
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4 hours
the fade is proper, but the design is average. I was expecting to see the entire picture you posted, the pitcher and everything. that would'vebeen funnier.
dude looks exactly like kevin martin for the kings, btw.
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i was expecting the whole body as well, i think the execution on behalf of the barber blows. what would have been some better ideas? almost did hello kitty
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Originally Posted by That Guy

Damn 4 hours for that
he kept messing up, so he kept cutting his hair shorter. eventually dude was bald

yeah the place sucks, it just opened.
thats why i took him there, bc i wanted it to look stupid.
i wasnt about to pay with my own money, and leave him satisfied.
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Originally Posted by Ahyoon Chef

that dude looks like the guy from the "Lurking in the background" thread...
check avy

but that haircut....

EDIT: how much did it cost?
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