what would you do?

the guy in shorts is a wuss. You slap a man, there has to be some sort of duel. someones gotta go.
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The one thing lamer than a sucker punch is a sucker slap.

i was there when it happened, not in the video tho
but the kid in the shorts was trying him and the other kid obviously had enough
so he got slapped and stuck in the face
lol at the 90 degree turn with the slap and then like a blindside punch haha

but how the hell do they not get to it after that, anybody I know would have had that cat on the ground after that
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both of them are some @@%%!...

First dude got slapped and didnt do anything.

The other dude slapped someone and ran back into the buliding.
guy just stood there after getting slap and then got hit again...just stupid
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