Whatever happened to Face 82?


Joined Apr 22, 2009
damn i always knew face was grimey

what happened to that dude jumpshot? he was in damn near every thread
Joined Apr 12, 2008
Originally Posted by Hen Lin 32

Better question... what happen to MisterP? ever since that chitownlegend fiasco dude hardly comes around.
He still posts regularly here. Son never left.

Originally Posted by LoveOfTheGame916

what about 18th letter?
i always recognized homes cuz of his tyson avy
Damn you're lost fam.

Originally Posted by JPZx

Gordon Gatrelle?
Never came back after that Olympic Basketball fiasco...
Originally Posted by Hen Lin 32

what ever happened to Keithhundred? dude was postin every where and just vanished...

I know Nike Star Jay is still around, I just don't know on what name...
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