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Dec 19, 2006
Im currently living in the midwest and considering moving to California. Ive been a couple of times. If figured most of you are about my age, (im 19) whats the job market like in SoCal? How easy/hard is it to get a job. Any help would be appreciated.
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What kind of job?

I wouldn't say hard but compared to the midwest, you won't get by well with a minimum wage job here in SoCal...the cost of living is ridiculous.
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What im plannin on doin is moving there with a friend of mine. We will probably gettin a basic apartment. But what is a good hourly wage to look for. What kinda jobs are hiring almost all the time there? Thanks
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What kinda jobs are hiring almost all the time there? Thanks
ed me at $10/hour....only thing is that you feel beat like a 80 year old man at the end of the day, haha

Honestly though, I haven't studied up much on the job market, but it seems like you can't get @#%$ without a college education....seems like a lot of stuff is just dead end, and there's not many chances to advance.

I guess I can't really speak though, any jobs i've ever worked were part time low paying deals.

Good luck with whatever you do though. Just got to put it all on the line and go for it.
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try infinity insurance, my boy said they're always looking for people with clean driving records...decent pay
rent prices can be steep, but i would say a job shouldn't be too hard to find depending on what you are looking for. socal life can get expensive, don't come out here thinkin it's gonna be cheap. one of my first jobs was a bank teller, it was a great first job and not that difficult to obtain


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its probably not hard to find a job where you can get by. but most people want a little more than that.
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be realistic. before you move here you need to have some idea of where you plan on lviing and what kind of job you can or are willing to do. So cal is not cheap, everything cost a lot here. no matter where you are. Not all good jobs require a college degree, but most do. All those dumb TV shows about living here in so cal are not realistic for the most part.
The cost of living here is just crazy. You must have a concrete plan before you go here. otherwise, you'll end up a bum, no joke. Not to mention gas prices are sky high, and you must have a car if you want to live here in socal.
yeah.. some of these people said it.. and i gotta agree, living is very expensive in socal... you have to see where you might want to live first before considering..

but jobs.. theres always jobs on the market.. but depending on what kind you are looking for? part time or full? but being 19... full time can be hard because a lot of the jobs here are looking for someone with a graduate degree.
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