What's harder to win? [[[REAL NBA or FANTASY NBA]]]

Joined Feb 10, 2010
man i feel good right now cuz i just won fantasy nba 2years in a row..feel like im some hakeem olajuwon now
trying to go for that 3peat no mj.

but i was wondering what would be harder winning in real nba or fantasy nba lets say 12 team league...

cuz fantasy nba you have to re-draft every year...so i thot it would be harder to win more but in real nba..u keep core players for the future....so teams like magic and lakers would be pretty good for next year and year after...

anyways just trying to enjoy the moment.

where's the confetti at lol

how ya'll doin in the league btw?
Joined Jun 5, 2007

im in the Finals for my fantasy bball league..

myteam is depleted with injuries tho.. most recently... BOGUT. SMH!!!!!


Joined Apr 5, 2010
I won my bball league...pics coming

EDIT: I'm El Heat didnt show the score i won the chip game 11-0

Joined Apr 18, 2006
Fantasy is much easier because half the teams in your league give up within the first month. I think I've won half the leagues I've been in including one of the NT ones this year.

As long as you know how to draft well, get a good balance in statistical categories, and follow player trends, then it's not hard to finish top 3 or so.
Joined Sep 17, 2003
Last two replies killing my buzz LOL.

Anyway, I just beat this guy that was undefeated during the regular season 5-4 in the finals by outscoring him 548-547 in the points category. One point! Chris Bosh, thank you for going in yesterday. It would've been crazy if I lost by a point after Bosh missed that lay-up at the buzzer hahaha.
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