What's Maino drinking?

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From the company's website:
Drank" contains a combination of Valerian Root, Rose Hips, and Melatonin designed to "slow your roll" after a hectic day. A calming beverage, Drank is formulated to relax the body, mind, and soul. "Drank" is the perfect lifestyle beverage for those who can appreciate extreme relaxation. So grab a Drank and "Slow Your Roll"!

Ingredients and Benefits

Melatonin: This brain hormone naturally controls the human sleep cycle. Melatonin, therefore, tells our bodies when it is time for sleep and when it is time to wake up. "Drank" contains a safe dose of Melatonin which relaxes those who drink it and helps them improve both the duration and quality of their sleep. Melatonin extracts aid the body in resetting its natural 'clock' and are even strong enough to prevent the effects of jet-lag. "Drank" enhances the positive effects of melatonin with flair and flavor which all are sure to enjoy.

Valerian Root: Valerian Root benefits anyone who may suffer from anxiety; restlessness; insomnia; mental strain; lack of concentration; excitability; stress; chronic headaches or migraines; nervous stomach cramps; bladder control issues; chronic pain, menopause; and the discomfort, and emotional distress which may occur with menstruation. "Drank" contains a healthy dose measured to compliment the effects of the melatonin and enhance relaxation. Valerian Root has been used around the world for centuries as a safe sedative without the morning 'grogginess' and possibility of addiction that man-made sedatives generally contain. "Drank" takes this old age remedy and puts it in the mix with melatonin to "slow your roll" after a long day.

Rose Hips: Another age-old remedy for what ails the body, Rose-Hips, is an excellent source of vitamin-C, contains biologically valuable bioflavinoids and is a great source of anti-oxidants. Rose-Hips have traditionally been used to treat diarrhea, nervousness, exhaustion, stress, urinary problems. Rose- Hips is commonly consumed by itself in tea (a drink) or is used as a topical oil. "Drank" adds Rose-Hips to the Melatonin and Valerian root to create extreme relaxation in a safe and healthy way.
Its basically made of sedatives & sleep aids. Causing the relaxing feeling.
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