What's the best CD you bought so far this year?

Dec 9, 1999
Let me rephrase that question...

When I say "whats the best CD you bought so far this year", that doesn't mean it's a new release...it can be old, underground w/no bar code, etc...

For me, I was actually an independant CD....

A dude named "Showtime" from Cincinnati, OH called "The Graduation"...heard a dude bangin a song from him, asked who he was, and he told me...so, I bought his copy from him! It was about a good 3-4 weeks before I finally changed to somethin else.
GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
MC Shan - Down By Law (Reissue)

An amazing reissue by Cold Chillin' & Traffic that features a grip of unreleased/12" tracks, which were all digitally remastered. It also includes a 24 page booklet with lyrics and linear notes written by Fly Ty, Mr. Magic, George DuBose and Shan. They did an excellent job putting this release together.

The best part is it only cost me $13, while the original was ending in the $50 price range a year ago on ebay.

Cold Chillin'​
the only cd i actually purchased this year was Graduation
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Where Logic Goes To Die
Fred Lewis > Illmatic​
I re-upd on these this yr...

Kanye West - College Dropout
Young Dro - Best Thang Smokin' :pimp:

My Pimp Hand Is Way Strong!!!!
funny thing is i recently picked up a few of my favorite all time albums off a dude on craigslist, 5 used albums for $15

-Liquid Swords
-The Infamous
-Supreme Clientele

A.J. Burnett--Roy Halladay--Troy Glaus--Aaron Hill--Lyle Overbay--Alex Rios--Vernon Wells--Frank Thomas​
For the hell of it

My 1st addiction was GI Joes and icies after that it was light skinned girls and Nikes
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-so far...return of the mac (2nd copy). then 2 days later, i found the copy i lost so i know keep one in the whip and one in the crib.

-speaking of second copies, i finally bought diplomatic immunity again...i couldnt be any longer without that album.


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I can't remember every album I bought this year but I recently re-purchased Enter The Wu-Tang after I lost my original so maybe that.
Next week it will be a tie between graduation, finding forever and american gangsta.
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i lost IRONMAN some time ago so last week i bought IRONMAN again.
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Edit:after reading the topic..

Liquid Swords
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Thirstin Howl III-Licensed to Skill
Evidence-The Weatherman
Los Razos-La Historia
1. Once Again by John Legend - Another Again = :pimp:

2. Graduation
3. Hard to Kill - Gucci Mane
4. Curtis

i only bought 4 cd's this year...
Eat or Get Ate.
Cat Power - The Greatest (had it downloaded for a minute...felt that it was good enough to deserve my money)

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w ellington felton - outrospective: me then, me now
Kanye West's....


College Dropout.
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