Whats up with the Gilroy outlet?????

Jan 29, 2007
I was on my way to santa barbara and stopped at the outlet in gilroy and I was like, ""what???????"" This is considered an outlet?? I didnt find a pair of shoes that were remotly worth buying, even at their prices. The only thing I saw that was ok was the kobe af1 but for 150, its still not worth buying a pair of shoes with his face on it( even though the color combo is hot imo))

u guys ever able to copp nice stuff there??
for those kobes, 150 isnt that bad when retail was 250 i believe. and for the rest, what do you really expect from an outlet, you might get lucky and catch some nike id returns for hella cheap or get some samples if you wear a size 9, but majority outlets dont get nothing except for older team basketball and running shoes.

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When I worked for Nike I had to work there for a month for their regional management training program. While I was there I saw a lot of decent to hard to get shoes come through there. The obvious is that the employees get first pick at what comes through and most often if not always the good stuff is limited and aimed at selling at the hash wall. That's the #1 reason why you don't see as much stuff hit the floor. Another reason is that maybe you just go at the wrong time.
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I'm the Gilroy Ambassador :lol:
Before the Christmas season starts Nike Outlets should get an average of 2 shipments per week. Sometimes it's a conmbination of clothing and shoes and other times it's exclusively one of the other. Nike's philosophy is to have their goods quickly out on the floor, so depending on the receiving team, merchandise can be out the same day they're received. There's a whole long process that goes on in the back of house, which includes opening and tagging the merchandise.
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^^ The back of house still gives me the creeps. It feels like a dammn sweatshop working for Nike. That's why they call it a Factory Store.
Gilroy nike ain't what's up. No good shoes at all. hit and a miss i guess...
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