What's your buy/sell/trade goto?

Dec 10, 2017
Like the thread states - what are your online B/S/T gotos? Of course I have used the obvious options - eBay, etc. Looking for something that's more community based. Mainly I'm looking to meet and deal with folks that are in it for the shoes - and not so much a "StockX is the price" / "I know what I have" kind of crowd.

Recently got to a point where I need to move some shoes. The first place I checked was the classifieds here - but sadly that looks like a ghost town.
are there really any trade websites like that? other than FB marketplace I guess? Poshmark is all I can think of but they keep listings from inactive sellers live for years it's really very annoying.
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they said trade tho I Think Ebay has a very specific "no trade" policy for listings last I checked
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