Whats your opnion on fake **** breasts boobs etc (no pix)


Joined Apr 22, 2009
I used to hate girls wit fake titties but after tonight I dont think I dislike them anymore.

Your thoughts?
Joined Jun 26, 2008
I prefer real ones, but I wont complain if they're fake. Boobs are boobs
Joined Dec 28, 2004
I still havent felt/sucked/motorboat fakes so idk. but Natural is such a beautiful thing.
Joined Aug 8, 2007
As far as **** go, as others have stated, I prefer real ones even if they are small. I would def still smash a chick with fake ones but I couldn't take herseriously. I find it far more attractive for a women to be natural and comfortable with what she has than to get enhancements.

As far as the posterior goes, enhancements are a negative. I'm an @#* man so I pretty much think the female rear is the most beautiful thing on earth. Anice tight round joint is perfection realized. Any tampering is an abomination and should be punished by death. I'd rather you have a small one...justcan't be an inverted butt or an innie.
Joined Jun 24, 2008
some are asthetically pleasing but i prefer a nice set of naturals...wont mind having fun with either though
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