When do these Spizikes come out??

Info/Pics from

[11/23/2007 Air Jordan Spiz'ike (Available from Men's to Toddler's)]
315371-101 White/Cement Grey-Varsity Red-Black



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Those are horruble!!!!! The only Spiz'ikes worth copp'n are the first pair that sold in the East Coast I think and the black-green-red colorway ONLY!!! Everything else is crap to me.
...love the spizike, have the true blue
now needa come up with 175 and tax to get these babies
Maybe if they did the photoshopped version, then it would of been so much better, other wise pass on these.
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don't really like the spizikes but i must say that this one is nice. trial and error, i guessed jordan learned.
Originally Posted by BKE420

LATE... they already came out guy

Check the Date....YOU'RE LATE.

You're membership is also pending since you like to dig up year old posts.
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