When will the Nike Hawk Flight retro??(Gary Payton's shoe)

had the black/blue ones.. my 1st nikes ever

prolly wont get retroed tho.. dont remember them doin well the first go around
Your link doesnt work. I wish they would retro these as well. I had the white/forrest green ones.
does gary payton even play basketball anymore? but yeah these are classics they should bring back.
loved this shoe. had the black n blue ones, passsed on the green ones.

would cop 2 if they retrod
Originally Posted by 255forLife

i'ma take a wild guess and say neveruary 31st.
i actually laughed at this.

Seems like everything will be retroed eventually...
They are lightweight and super comfy. I would cop 2x if they dropped. So nostalgic . I had these when they dropped circa 97? i believe.
Not that popular of a model to begin with, doubt we'll see a retro. They look like entry level zoom flight 5s.
There is a store 2 blocks from my house that has a FSR of both the black/blue, and the white/green. I wore them throughout college when I played basketball (Igraduated in 2007).
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