Where are all the Sac State heads @ ?

Jul 7, 2004
I am going there for my MBA in fall and wondering what bars/ clubs to hit on what days.. Only spot I know of is The Park on Saturdays
Man there is an @#% load of clubs downtown around J st and 16th. Google them cause there's quite a few. Saturday night downtown you can just be on thestreets and follow the ladies there'll be plenty of people and the girls will always lead you to the happening spot. There's also Mandagos in elk gorvethat is a hit or miss during the week, but usually crackin thurs - sat night. There's one in Sac too off of Fulton blvd but its been dead recently. Thelocal Sac State bar is Stingers off of La Riviera and that's also a hit or miss, but if you catch it when there's a soriety, JACKPOT! Hope that wassome help.
zokku, tunel 21, club 21, avalon..

those are soem that come to head... but yah thres more.
ooooh i think i been too zokku.. thats the sushi resteraunt with the club upstairs right? love that place
you should check out mix on L street....its around the corner form the park. Upscale dress code.....There is also a few more upscale bars on J street that areright next to each other (blue cue, aura, gv hurleys)....if you want more low key, there is club 2me, chargans, streets of london, R15....man, there areactually a ton of places downtown to hang out. Also, 2nd saturdays are cool. There is all kinds of art shows and bands playing all over
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