Where can I find this POLO RL shirt??????????? pics included

Joined Sep 10, 2000
Is there anywhere that I can find this Polo. I know this from a few years ago. Any help is appreciated.
Joined Jun 4, 2008
Im not even from the west coast and Im here to tell you that shirt is Hella ugly.
Joined Dec 11, 2007
that shirt ain't fake, fam. i personally like that joint myself. fresh for the summer. but that joint is hella old and will be all but impossible to find.
Joined Jan 5, 2008
Originally Posted by N O R E A G A

Originally Posted by OGbobbyjohnson773

Originally Posted by Jumpshot

Looks like a fake.
Big Boi wearing something fake? Get outta here!

he was just on stage with some fake 8s, talking bout he paid 500 forem, since when has big boi become some fashion icon...southerners always lacking mannnn
Joined Jan 4, 2004
Is that crab picture real? Damn imagine seeing that lol. Im takin out the chancleta for that!!
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