Where does this verse rank in Jay's career?

im not you

May 29, 2009
See when I'm low in digits, I push blow in blizzards
I'm a player for real, I post and pivot
Coke distribute, be where the ghost's visit
Where the demons live, *%+# my scene is vivid
Squeamish kids, y'all get the !@%% outta this verse
It's about to get so obscene in a minute
I seen and live it, I did some things I admit it
Wasn't proud of it, but I was a child !@%% it
Kept a pow tucked in a brown belt
Couldn't sit down, big gun kept stickin my pelvis
*%+# it was either that or be livin wit Elvis
%+@%*% is jealous...hell is hot, you heard X?
Wanted to tell God that I don't deserve this
Was afraid that he'd tell me I deserve less
My life was nervous, you haven't heard stress
Til you heard the cries of my mama, me givin her drama
Told her I aint promised tomorrow, gotta live for the day
And before she could say Jay................
I was out the door, pouch full of raw, a outlaw mentality
Men gotta do men things for men salary
Bad Boy, not Puff or Mike Lowery, damn B.I.G. woulda been proud of me

I'ma just say top 5 right off the bat without really thinking about it...
No idea, dope verse, but definitely not top 5. Dope nonetheless.
I dunno know where it ranks as a verse, but that ''wanted to tell God that I don't deserve this'' line is top 5 realest he ever spit...

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