Where the Tallahassee NTers at? Need info and good barbers!!

Jan 7, 2005
I'll be there in a few weeks, and I know there's a few NTers cuz I've seen them post about FAMU and other things. Where can I get a good fade and tape up for a good price?
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"From the bottom of tha DUVAL,
Cakalacky to New York.." -T.I.​
Holla at Malik at Rattler's Edge. He'll get you straight. Either that, or get at my man Justin he lives right on MLK across from the architecture building. He'll get you straight for like 5 bucks.
Felt like bumpin this post, Tally is real cool now that I been here a minute.

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"From the bottom of tha ,
Cakalacky to New York.." -T.I.​
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