Where to get your windows TINTED vol. 5,000

Mar 23, 2005
What's up Norcal?? I'm going to need some really good tints for my ride to make it complete, and I need to know the best place around SF to do it. I want to get all the windows blacked out minus the windshield, and I've heard of places that guarantee removal/reinstallation if you get cited(Just a Myth?). I know it's been up here countless times, but I can't remember the place and now it's that time. Hook me up if you can, I appreciate it.
I was just about to make this topic.There was an old one that Sfgr and some people on e46fanatics told me to go too.

Does anybody remember what place this was?
omega tintwerkz ($220-200ish) in pleasanton or preferred images ($180ish) in redwood city. both are great make sure you say sfgr as a referral for omega and for preferred just mentioned you were referred to them for the discount (doesn't matter who referred you)
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Great, thanks for the recommendation folks. Also, is it true that if you can't roll your windows down right after your windows get tinted you got shoddy tint? People have told me, "Get your windows tinted at a shop that says you'll be able to roll your windows down as soon as it's done" Anybody have insight? Will Vince at Omega Tintwerkz tell me not to roll down my windows for a week?
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