?????? Where to go in Philly other than South street ??????

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south street is ok but i sure as hell don't want to spend the whole day around there

and i don't want no cheesesteak...i can make a better one myself
by the way, be sure to read my sig[hr][/hr]
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^ yeah, you are pretty much correct. depending on what your looking to do, Walnut St. has some stuff going on too.
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Im planning on driving out to philly from NYC, hoping to make it from saturday-sunday, what are the best places to visit in regards to clothing,kicks, hats, nightlife and of course philly cheesesteak.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Broad street near temple is the only other place I can think of[hr][/hr]
ing from city hall to like 6th (bleu martini is an ill spot there)

-Chestnut from say 20th to 11th

-walnut from 26th to Broad

-Penns landing for the clubs and eating

-art museum and all that...

Thats all I can think of off top...
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Walnut from broad to 17th is full of stores...
Old City filled with clubs and shops...
King Of Prussia Mall if u consider that philly.. its just a 20 min drive
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