Where were you, and what were you doing when you first heard ____ v.1

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I know a lot of you can recall what you were doing, and where you were when you heard some of your favorite cuts for the first time...feel free to post

First time I heard The Root's - "Essaywhuman" was on a road trip to Alabama almost 10 years back, my homeboy had it on this mix CD. I think I fell in love with The Roots from that day on.

The first time I heard Jay-Z's "Allure" I just hopped in my home girl's whip the day it released, and she had the joint blastin. Its like time froze, lol. I remember that moment clear as day. I had her run that joint back like 3x straight before I listened to anything else.

First time I heard Kanye's "Last Call", my boy know I didn't want to her the rip before the album dropped. His green *!*% had the album playing on the low, while we were playing NCAA Football for PS2. As soon as the Last Call tune came on, it was an instant classic in my eyes.


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awesome thread

i got too many to name but i remember wen i first heard last call like it was nothingi was about 14 in my bed at night trying to sleep wit my ipod in my ear, i let the whole college dropout ride and i remember replayin last call a few good times jus to hear the story behind it

[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]good times[/font]
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when i first heard Last Call i literally went
and replayed it. i have no idea how Kanye found that sample.
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50 cent - patiently waiting and many men... heard it in a family friends car, damn i was 9 years old. get rich or die tryin
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When I first heard "Sooner or Later" by N.E.R.D I literally thought I took heroin it was a feeling I couldn't shake but I loved every second of it.
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I first heard "The Way I Am" by Em wen I was like 14 coming from work in my fathers car. I was searchin for that bootleg CD hard after that lol
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The first time I heard Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" I was watching The Simpsons on a really old crappy TV. Every once in a while my TV's sound would get crossed with radio stations. This particular time Hark Knock Life was playing and I instantly became a Jay fan.
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First time I heard Pastor Troy - No Play In GA I was in the 6th grade at Miami Edison and we had a substitute teacher who didn't care if we were listening to CD players so someone let me hear it. That ^#($ was like the ultimate fight song, literally...

First time I heard Jay-Z - Jigga Who, Jigga What was Xmas of 98'. I begged my cousin to by the album because of DMX being in Money, Cash, &$^@.

First time I heard DMX - Ruff Ryder Anthem Remix it was on an underground/pirate radio station. It took me days to find out the name of the track. I was asking anyone who was older than me what the name of the track was, lol..

First time I heard Do or Die - Po Pimp was also on the underground station. Took me even longer to figure out the name of the group and track.
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i remember having the chronic 2001 bootleg and XXplosive came on at a whataburger and i almost lost it in the drive thru - must of played that back 10 times
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First time I heard Lil Jon and Youngbloodz, "Damn" I was at a back to school dance at the beginning of my sophomore year of HS.  I was yelling "If you don't give a damn we don't give a *@*+" out loud at the gym and nearly got myself kicked out by school security. 

First time I heard Bone Crusher "Never Scared" I was watching Rap City and the video of BC crushing everything in a Peter Warrick Bengals jersey got me hooked.  I also copped his CD on my 15th birthday and got crunk.  I even recited Bone Crusher's verse many times.

First time I heard Ying Yang Twins "Say Ay Yi Yi Yi Yi", I was at a spring break dance for my middle school in 8th grade, and the chorus made my grind on every girl on sight.

First time I heard Young Jeezy's, "And Then What" it was the summer of 2005.  I heard it inside one of my friends' cars, and I started drumming on the Mannie Fresh beat. 
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First time I heard Lil B's "I Am God" I was in the movie theater getting dome from this chick and her mom because they said I was a pretty @+$*+
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First time I heard Jay-Z "Change Clothes" I was driving home from college on a Friday afternoon. It was the BIG premiere for the first single off Jay's "last" album. Once I heard it, I was like
come on Hov this song is garbage this album is gonna suck.

Another first time I was driving home from school again when they debuted 2Pac and B.I.G. "Runnin". Everyone I drove by had it blasting on their radio, it felt like a the world stopped (it literally did because of traffic in DC

The first time I heard Young Jeezy TM101 I was riding in my friends impala speeding back to my house to get my basketball so we could go hooping on a hot saturday afternoon. I never paid attention to Jeezy like that before his solo album dropped, all I knew was the Boyz N Da Hood stuff but when "I used to hit the kitchen lights" crept through his speakers and I felt my seat and the windows vibrate because of the bass, I been a Jeezy fan ever since


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Originally Posted by DOWNTOWN43

when i first heard Last Call i literally went
and replayed it. i have no idea how Kanye found that sample.

instant ringtone i remember i pissed off the whole cuz i made this my ringtone that very instant & when i got done i put it on repeat x3
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Originally Posted by AdobeCS4

First time I heard Lil B's "I Am God" I was in the movie theater getting dome from this chick and her mom because they said I was a pretty @+$*+

where were you the 1st time you heard Jeezy's Trap or Die
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First time I heard Last Call I was 14, my friend gave me a copy of the album because I didnt have it.
I had that song and Never Let Me Down on repeat for God knows how long.

^^Im from NY so I didnt hear Trap or Die for a while, but I remember I was in the kitchen with my iPod on and as soon as Grown +%% Man came on, I just stopped everything I was doing to listen.
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"What you know" - TI...I was leaving HS I think my Senior Year and this song just debuted on the radio on the ride home and I just remember freaking out thinking how EPIC those horns and Toomp production sounded...TI just made a classic that day...
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