wheres the best club in LV to get VIP/ Table service?

Jul 7, 2004
Im just wondering.. I have a party of 10 people.. most spots are charging 400 a bottle.. is that about right? also.. does anyone know how much those skyboxes at tao run?
if you got 10 peeps (assuming mostly if not all guys) your lookin at 400 a bottle with a 4 bottle minimum not to mention tipping the host who seats you (couple hundy) and the waitress (20% is customary). If your gunna ball with the bottle service the charge for the skybox will be low or "taken care of usually. They make the cheese on the bottle service hence they encourage peeps to cop real estate if any is available. If you are still interested hit me on PM I have a host at Tao, Pure, Body English/Rehab (my spots) and Tryst.
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