Which Air Max's Has the Most Comfortable/Uncomfy Air Bubble?

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In your opinion, which Air Max series do you think has the most comfortable air support system? And which do you think has the most, or at least not as comfortable air bubbles?

I think the Air Max 95's have the most comfortable out of the one's I've tried on or own. However, the 95/360 hybrids are one of the most uncomfy ones I've tried on. Maybe because of the design of the shoe with the 360 sole combo dont mesh well for my foot shape.
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I think the 360s are the least comfortable, but they're still pretty comfortable.
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97's are the most comfortable air max's for me but the most comfortable Nike... Air Stabs...
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once again, 95s are the most comfortable for me. 360s arent the greatest
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I say the AM deluxe by far. I just hope that if they get retroed nike doesn't shrink the bubbles like they've been with other AMs
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Off the top of my head eIther the AM97 (OG & retro) or the AM180+ (that came out recently) - both have air sole units that are very comfy and bouncy, even more so than my AM95s... for full length ball shoes I would say the Tempo series - laugh all you want at the "AIR" on the side of the shoes but Pippen's kicks were comfy like pillows - oh yeah and the old Air Muscle Max had you feeling like you were walking on a mattress :tongue:
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95s are pretty comfy. The cushioning works really well.

I found am87s to be uncomfortable. Felt like walking on cardboard.
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Originally Posted by metalmaned

97's are the most comfortable air max's for me but the most comfortable Nike... Air Stabs...
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agreed. Stabs are my official everyday beaters
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I tried on the 97s and to me it felt like there was a layer of wood between my foot and the air.

that's just me.
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best for me is the 360 then the 180. for retros, nothing beats the air burst or airmax93
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87 (1) - not bad at all
90 - pretty cushy for old technology
93 - stiff as a board
95 - best ever
97 - needs time to break in
03 - excellent
TN - firm not cushy
360 - firm, not cushy
03/04 - excellent
05-07 TLs - average at best
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