Which is more durable?... Retro 12's or 17's

Mar 15, 2005
If this is in the wrong forum, sorry.

Which shoe do you think would be better suited to a full basketball season

Comfort, performance... but most of all, durability

From what I understand, 12's are built like tanks... but 17's are a better shoe....

What do you think?
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They should've built a levy out of XIIs in New Orleans. Katrina would've got backhanded. I'm not kidding. My XIIs, OGs and retroes, have been through the ringer.
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get fit.
From what I understand, 12's are built like tanks... but 17's are a better shoe....

The 12 is pretty much indestructible.

However, unless you are VERY hard on your shoes, 17s should be durable enough.
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I would have to say the XVII`s performance wise because they are strapped up,,tightened,,with lace locks to top it off for more speed,,agility,,and full traction,,I wear my college blues all the time on the court,,but the XII`s look more styleish on the court :D
XIIs look nicer but i dont have a pair of XVII, only a pair of XII so i wouldnt be able to tell you the durability... of XVII, but XII are pretty comfy and durable
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i liked the 17s but they suck outdoor bc now i got two matching holes on the bottom (played in them so much indoor, when i didnt have access indoor, played outdoor and they were dead within months!) went through the rubber, carbon fiber and now into the foam.

so id say go with the 12s for durability.
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Retro XII's aren't durable like the originals at all! Go with the XVII, they're a better shoe than the XII in every performance category, and are more durable than the Retro XII.
retro xiis arent as durable as the ogs but they are still the most durable retro, by far.
XIIs are known as tanks, they just don't wear down even if you try to beat em to death
my cardinal 7s weren't too durable even though they were the retros, which you know aren't made with the quality as the originals
The 17s are nice, comfortable and great. I like them, but as said, the sole wears out fast. But think of it this way.

You want LOW PROFILES on your car right?

17s are newer in technology and obviously more durable in comparison to age when looking at the 12s.
I think the 17s are nicer than the 12s though.
It is harsh !
well i agree on the sole part as mines wore down pretty fast like low profile tires but design and technology wise, they are better than the 12s IMO. the 12s seem like an earnest design and rugged. fit, bend and else, the 17s are better.

i suppose they think we can go through pairs easily like the NBA peeps..

but wear what you like. basketball shoes FOR BALLING will be worn down, so wear the one that's most comfortable.
It is harsh !
At the risk of stating the obvious:

It's fairly likely the 17s from the upcoming countdown pack will be less well made than the OGs.
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