Which one of you was wearing burberry XI's and matched hat?

Aug 3, 2001
I was at Southcenter today and saw you. I got to give you some props for trying to pull of that look not to mention that you were getting at like EVERY single girl at the mall between 13-20
Team Negrodamus​
Jake if you see that guy again, beat him down!!!! Someone stole my precious burberry J's and he sounds like the culprit. If you get em back for me, I'll give you my MCM fannypack.
o yeah. i forgot to add.... was the REAL dude wearing them a [not trying to sound racist]a white dude with a burberry bucket hat [/not trying to sound racist]? if it was, i used to see him all the time at BCC. it was mad funny looking at him. i once saw him with gucci XI's also. pretty funny. o yeah, he was asking my friend if he wanted to put any burberry or gucci on his I's, lol.

Ment to say bucket hat :b

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hmmmm.....got an idea for a new custom

invisible burberry XI's
Just look at it as 10 more pounds of awesomeness
Lol at [not trying to sound racist].
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
^ARE YOU DRUNK? Nobody is promoting fakes, but i could care less if you do though. I mean Nike certainly isn't going to have trouble paying its employees.

p.s. Manny I beat you to it.

Here is a pic of my custom INVISIBLE burberry XI's sitting on my table. I am also planning to drop an LV and a Gucci pair soon.
Team Negrodamus​
lets not get sensitive dude, were talking about a fad. no need to be sad or upset.

Team Negrodamus​
BFO i have that same pair of invisible burberrys. i thought i was the only one with 'em in the seattle area. but your swoosh looks off, i think they're fake.

Sneakers are not just shoes. they're a kind of art. If it's good art people will stare. So what shoes should i wear next to break some necks?
Yes mine are fakes, but tell nobody. I get loooooooooooooooooong doctor bills for all the necks they break. :wink:
Team Negrodamus​
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