Which places will be gettin the fire red 5's?

Feb 5, 2003
anyone know, i will be up in bellingham moving that day and need to know which places might have them, or if eastbay might have them, i missed out on the olives cause eastbay didnt have them saturday morning like they normally do, so i assumed they werent getting them and didnt keep checkin throughout the day, i was pretty disappointed when i saw that they did have them, i just looked at the wrong time
my email is hollywood_jose@hotmail.com,anyone that knows where i can find em plz help me out
its a GR so probably Champs, Footlocker, Finish Line, etc. would have them.
in bellingham? alderwood mall ? seattle, tacoma? I will be in bellingham on sat the 16th, is that still the official date?
yea the official date is the 16th. i dont know which places in bellingham but i will be down at southcenter in tukwila.
You can try the bells fair mall. I heard that all finishlines in the district are getting pairs including Everett Mall--which is a surprise. If you want to head to Everett go early because they only will be getting 16 pairs. Not sure how many pairs Bells Fair is getting.
Oh yeah, forgot to add that if you want to go further south Alderwood Finishline and Champs (maybe Footlocker) is getting them as well as Northgate Finishline and Footaction.
im late on this and kinda outta the loop..when do these come out?
"talk some smack Rooney..do your thing"
^ no. they're super limited. nike's considering making them an online exclusive since the numbers are so small. if not, then consider lining up for the actual line @ ES starting at 2PM.
heres some comparisons from previous launches.


Mars: 190 Militaries: 180 Fire Red V's: 260


im hoping i can just walk into the mall to pickup a few pairs just like the militaries...
i hope i wont see that many lil kids there. im trying to get the shoes for my niece and my mom
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