White Iverson

Joined Feb 23, 2004
Did a search and didnt see anything for this.

Just returned from overseas and this song has been my anthem. It's incredible.


flesh prince

Joined May 31, 2015
Signed to 300.

Lyor Cohen not playing. His son manages him. They about to take this Future/PND sing songy trap wave and feed it to college white kids who can't relate to the trap **** Future be kicking but not always trying to be on some R&B **** with PND. They smart. That demographic that spends a lot of money though anyways through shows, singles, merch and albums.

About to mix soft rock/country/pop with PND/Future sing songy trap. I ain't mad, get the money. White Iverson is hot.

It is funny how these dudes transform though.

Joined Feb 3, 2010
I was late on this but I'm pretty sure I posted it in the what are you listening to thread some weeks back
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