Whitehead22 collection video

Joined Nov 14, 2004
Great collection. I'm feelin' all the pennys and selection of Jordans. OG Is and footaction Penny IVs -
Joined Aug 23, 2008
dope collection
i like the fact that he buys what he likes and isnt to much in to the hype
Joined Oct 15, 2008
nice collection he has. he got some real good prices on some too
Joined Nov 26, 2007
and it was a lot that he didnt show i would love to see whats in the rest of the boxes .dope collection
Joined Jan 13, 2009
very nice collection but i got to call the dude out on the prices he says hes paying for them im live in cinci and i pretty much stay in sneaker shops and iant EVER see ds nike sig. shoes for 20-40 bucks EVER i could care less if he spent 1000 bucks a pair but im just sayin, and "og 5's for 25 bucks"****!
Joined Feb 2, 2007
i raid backrooms on the daily.... thats how i get my deal. i work at footaction so i get 30% off on top of clearence stuff... thats how i get it for cheap.dont know what else to tell you other than to get cool with an inside connect.
Joined Mar 9, 2003
Gotta say Dave got the receipts in the boxes to prove most of the crazy prices he's paid. I remember a lot of em as I sold em to him when Footaction wasgoin through the buyout wit Foot Locker, Inc. Him and Cincybcats22 are up there wit the best collections for the price they paid!
Joined Jun 30, 2008
Yeah Sneaker Dave's my dude.
I've done a lot of trades and I have also bought a lot of stuff off of him.
His collection has gotten better and better since I've known him.
and I have to say hes lucky to have a closet like that.
Joined Nov 1, 2008
Man could every1 do their collections on video... This is so much more fun to watch! Mad Collection!
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