Who had the best Verse (Vol: Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy))

Aug 28, 2008
Its close...But I think i'm rolling wit Prodigy...

Yo, disperse from off this, who the culprits
that claim to be the newest, rappin *%#*@*%@
My rhymes, get Ruger endorsements, my song boost
and the tech sales through the ceiling, let's talk with guns
Convo til the po-lice come
Give you a red shirt with the wet hat to match
First max like it's Hamburger Hill for real
It's Red Dawn when the Mobb get it on, my outfit
stuck on some wild out +*%%, all about it
We move gambit, through the overcrowded
Forthwith, pull out long fifths, extended clips
Point the nozzle and shift your back disc
Me and the click-a, sit down and eat dinner
Wake up every mornin write a new banger
that strike harder than your best attempt to sound like P
or the H-A-V-O-C, #++$!

Definitely one of his more underrated verses...son snapped...

On a side not it seems like the verses on here are 2 short...I wish each person had 32....
May 22, 2007

It tripped me out when he said

"Take all you made, call you gay on Hot 97"

Like in 98...yall know what that woulda did to _s???????
May 22, 2007
That's true now that I think about it.

No one has ever outshined Pun on a song/feature. The closest I can think of is Canibus on "Fantastic 4"
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