Who has seen "A Clockwork Orange"?

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I just read the plot summary on wikipedia and dont know if i should watch this movie or not. Some of the stuff i read was strange as hell

Is it a good movie? is it really that weird?
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Great movie, a bit trippy, but extremely well made. The book is just as good if not better. The only problem is with the book the author, Anthony Burgess, has a made up language a cross between English and Russian I think, sometimes it is hard to read. The book also has a extra chapter, that the movie doesn't have. I highly recommend both!
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I saw it like a couple days ago. Yes weird movie, but I did enjoy it.
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I kinda wish i didnt read all the stuff about it before i watched it. I had much higher expectations than what it really was. Either way its still a classic that deserves a watch.
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Originally Posted by illmaticsoulchild

A Stanley Kubrick classic. Whenever I hear, "I'm singing in the rain..." I immediately think of Clockwork.
I think of rape.
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Amazing movie. I hate to sound like one of those people but the questions raised are really interesting.

You either get it or you don't.

Originally Posted by Stuntman Mike

as much as i like kubrick's work and this movie, i urge people to read the book. 

Loved the book but the ending was god awful, glad Kubrik didn't use it.
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I watched it a little over a year ago after hearing so much about it, and I must say it was a really good movie that makes you think.
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