Who saw it coming ? This year NBA final will be...

Oct 5, 2006
Cavs vs Lakers ?

Lakers is locked imo and I just don't see anyone can beat the Cavs on the Eastside

Kobe vs Bron match up
. The media hype, the stans on both sides, technical fouls for Kobe and Bron ?
they're both super competitive, 7 games classic possibly ?

Stern please make it a Bron vs Kobe final
Got me thinking...

If LeBron really wanted to.... I think he could lead the league in scoring every year.
Still premature. If Bynum don't get close to 100% for the Lakers, they won't make the finals, and if Mike Brown decides to be a moron in regards to rotations and defensive strategies, the Cavs won't make it. If they both do make it, it will probably be the best finals since the 90's. Endless amount of storylines, best two players in the game, production should be top notch, and last but not least, the battle for the passing of the torch. Will Kobe hold onto it like a dying soldier to life, or will Lebron take it with brute strength. Can't wait
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If true, upon completion NT would literally collapse within itself like some sort of black hole
Only if Lebron wins and then retires immediately.

Pretty sure that's the sequence for NT to self-destruct.
If the cavs & lakers make the finals that thread will be the funniest @%%+ in history
the cavs only need to make it to the finals and they are champs

no one is going to compete with them since they will get more ref help than the 2006 heat
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U blind son? That's a goaltend. 
Well, considering a good 25% of LeBron's blocks are goaltends or fouls, I can understand why AT would post this.

That block doesn't really look like a goaltend it could go either way though

and what?? Lebrons blocks are rarely goaltends or fouls... dudes always hating
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If the cavs & lakers make the finals that thread will be the funniest @%%+ in history

50+ bans.

Game 1 or what talkin? 

Come on, that series will clear this joint out like no other.  Mods'll be gettin banned.  It'll be chaos. 
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they made it to the finals without him son^ (bynum)

Watch more basketball dude
lakers made the finals without him in 07-08....the following year he averaged 8pts 5rebs in their playoff run..cmon now

im a bynum fan..but lakers can make the finals without him (since thats what we're arguing about)...but they will need him to win it.
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