Who Was Your Favorite MLB 3-4-5 Lineup (On A Single Team) Of The Past 25 Years?

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I was gonna go with Thome, Belle, and Ramirez back with the Indians.

But Manny was actually lower in the lineup on most nights.

How about Seattle? A-Rod, Griffey, Edgar Martinez (even though they were 2-3-4 in the lineup). Still

Or maybe Pudge, Juan, and Raffy?

Burks, Galarraga, Bichette with the Rockies?

Atl with Chipper, Andruw, and Justice (with McGriff in there somewhere)

What about 2005 with Sheff, Rodriguez, and Giambi (with Matsui, Posada and Tino Martinez in that same lineup too)?

Or old-school Hernandez, Strawberry, and Carter?

Will Clark, Kevin Mitchell, and Matt Williams?

I can think of a lot of potent twosomes. McGwire-Canseco... Bonds-Kent (JT Snow too?)... Ortiz-Ramirez... Piazza-Karros... Bonds-Bonilla... Sandberg-Grace....

But what's the best 3-4-5 lineup (or even the best back-to-back-to-back) that you guys remember?
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^ Wasn't that Rockies lineup Larry Walker, Galaragga, Bichette? Because if so, that's even better.
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I just did a quick check... In 1996, Larry Walker played 83 games. He had 18 hr with a 276 avg.

Bichette was the regular RF with 31 hr and a 313 avg.

The Rockies had 3 guys hit 40 homers that year.

Galarraga with 47 hr, 150 rbi and a 304 avg... Ellis Burks with 40, 128, and 344 avg.... And Vinny Castilla (who I didn't even remember) hit 40, 113, and a303 avg.

Video game numbers mostly thanks to Coors.
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Thome, Bell, Ramirez

2004 Red Sox 3-4-5

Cabrera, Ordonez, Sheffield

Keith Hernandez, Gary carter, Darryl Strawberry

Edgardo Alfonzo, Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura
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Not 3-4-5, but the best 2-3-4, easily:

Alex Rodriguez
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Edgar Martinez

Two first-ballot hall of famers, and the best DH and one of the best hitters of the past 25 years.
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Originally Posted by dmbrhs

Originally Posted by 651akathePaul

^Add Buhner to that and you got a 2-3-4-5
True. That's a damn murderer's row.

Heck, even Tino...I tell ya, if that team stuck together...Baseball history would probably be a lot different today.
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I'm gonna give you my 1-7.... (96' O's)...3-4-5 will be bolded

*Brady Anderson (.297, 50 HR, 110 RBI)
Robby Alomar (.328, 22 HR, 94 RBI)
*Rafael Palmeiro (.289, 39 HR, 142 RBI)
Bobby Bonilla (.287 28 HR, 116 RBI)
Cal Ripken (.278 26 HR, 102 RBI)

BJ Surhoff (.292 21 HR, 82 RBI)
Chris Hoiles (.258, 25 HR, 73 RBI)

Batters 8 & 9 were usually a rotation of guys like Tony Tarasco, Jeffrey Hammonds, Mike Devereaux, Greg Zaun, etc....

but +%#!...LOOK at those numbers from that lineup
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Originally Posted by Mez 0ne

Thome, Bell, Ramirez

2004 Red Sox 3-4-5

Cabrera, Ordonez, Sheffield

Keith Hernandez, Gary carter, Darryl Strawberry

Edgardo Alfonzo, Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura

As well as Griffey, Edgar, Jay Buhner.... with A-rod batting 2nd later on... as well as Joey Cora batting leadoff

That whole Mariners squad back in the 90s was
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Ricky Henderson
Roberto Alomar .326/.401/.492
Paul Molitor .332/.410/.509
John Olerud .363/.473/.599
Joe Carter 33 HR 121 RBI

Having 3 guys on your team who could easily win the batting title, having three guys all with .400+ OBP's and .500 SLG

Because they didn't have huge power numbers people forget how good that offense was and I'm still laughing at ESPN saying that Joe Carters wackness wasthe best player in Blue Jays history.

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Favorite 2-3-4 combination
2. A-Rod
3. Griffey, Jr.
4. Edgar Martinez

Favorite 3-4-5 combination
3. Bonds
4. Kent
5. Snow

Honorable mention
3. A-Rod
4. Palmeiro
5. Juan Gonzalez

I'm actually not sure if this line-up was together, but it would be
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