Whoa....Paul from the Diamond Center is @ my work.

Feb 21, 2002
Man so I come back from a Jamba Juice and I walk into work sippin some white gummi bear. I turn to the left and sittin at my managers desh is this old guy in a red polo and a red 49ers hat. Dude lookin like he stuck in 1984 and he is just posting up here at work like he owns the place.

I glance at him and low and behold it is Paul from the mother'in Diamond Center.

I loved his commercials, I remember watching him after the old adam west Batmans on the WB and his commericals would always come on. I'm gunna take a pic with him and post it on here as soon as i get home. Dude looks hella old too but he damn near as old as Jesus.

LOL just wanted to share.
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I used to always hate his commercials but in an odd way, they worked for what it is. I think it was also cause of those horribly bad actors that they would hire for his skits. But when ever I think of the Diamond Center, I always think of Paul and that mustache.
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The Jewelry Exchange bling ****** >>>> Paul + his crackhead lookin Santas helpers lol

but, yeah, Paul & his cheesy commercials are OG.
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Damn i thought that dude died cause i ain't seen him in any commercials for awhile!!!! Good to know he's still around I used to love his commercials back in the day!!!
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didn't he have one when he would drive away in some old school benz coupe haha! that's all i remember
LOL, I just saw this post and it cracked me up, that was a blast from the past. Where is the pic?
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the one in the Benz was a convertable and it was raining outside....that stuff was the best
But then again I could be totally wrong


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YO u guys might think this fool is funny and all, but actuall he's pretty worthless. he used to live in my area that i grew up, danville. My step mom used to cut his wifes hair.. The dude is the biggest alcholic ever!!! I used to work at the safeway in blackhwak and he used to come in so wasted just to buy some more liquor. He would walk in with a jumpsuit almost everyday and buy at leats one fifth of some type of alchol. but back in the day his commercials were funny.
. . .don't forget one helluva gambler, too. Commonly referred to as "Diamond Paul" alongside broken english.
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Haha... I used to hate Paul from the Diamond Center Commercials. But that mustache is like his trademark. You can't think of Paul from the Diamond Center without it.

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