Whoa... This little guy has Grown! Vol. Guess the hat size.

Joined May 9, 2006
Doesn't your head stop growing during adolescence? It's already bigger than his dad's.
Joined Jul 5, 2008
I Swear before I even came in here i knew it was Jason Kidd's son lmao i bet hes a size 9 7/8
Joined Jul 14, 2003
And dude is even older than that...I think that pic posted is from last year even. Here's him with Plax so you know this one is old

Honest god though man this dude's bucket

Joined Nov 12, 2009
i dont get it dude's head looks proportionate.

maybe i need to see it from the side.

P.S. the aarab muzik "my hat is to big thread" > this thread
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