Who's watching RAW right now?

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I watched the East Coast telecast and thought all the Nugget Laker stuff was silly. Then Bautista came out wearing a full Laker Uniform and wearing the PlayoffKobe IV's and that was kinda cool
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Originally Posted by NuMba1KiCkrocka

whats going down exactly?
Its basically the WWE's edition of the NBA playoffs.

5-on-5 tag team match with the Laker team vs the Denver team.

at John Cena wearing Kwame Brown's jersey #.
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Originally Posted by throwedyonasb

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Originally Posted by pr0phecy718

missed it, pics?

they got the nuggets in them extra young replicas
and the lakers in authentics ahha
yehh thats what i was thinking...it was pretty funny to hear a lets go Lakers chant...batista came out with a basketball too and the kobe 4s
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