Why do none of the earbud headphones on the market work in both ears?

May 25, 2001
I had assumed it was just because I was being cheap and buying the 3$ off brand ones, so I went and even bought some Sony's that were like 28$ and still,from my mp3 player (Sandisk Sansa), I only get sound in 1 ear. However, if I pull the audio jack partially out, and rotate it 360 degrees, at some angles allof a sudden the left ear wakes up. I have gone through literally more than 10 or so sets of earbuds.

And this is my 3rd mp3 player too, so yes I have considered that as well
UNAPPRECIATED. i dont know why that happens, and im still trying to figure it out.
im in the same exact shoes as you too
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it's the audo jack on the mp3 player, not the heasphones.
This. Either that or you're going deaf in one ear.

my ipod earphones just died on me, i'm looking for a new one now as well..
I always thought it was because the connection/wire would get damaged from the inside of the rubber coating, which results in having to twist your headphonesback and forth until the wires reconnected.
I'm pretty sure it's the wiring.

I go to the gym frequently and do a lot of tugging on my headphone cords. And eventually one ear will go out. And if you wrestle the cord in different angles,you can restore sound. But it's too much of a hassle when they're pretty much done for at that point.

I go through a new pair of headphones every 2-3 months.
i'm pretty sure it's the wiring as well like someone else said. i wrap my headphones around my ipod so i guess it causes stress on the wires and screwsthem up
Do not buy Skull Candy Smoking Buds ear buds. They are horrible quality. They will break within 1 month of moderate use.
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Do not buy Skull Candy Smoking Buds ear buds. They are horrible quality. They will break within 1 month of moderate use.
Are you serious right now? I love my smoking buds...skullcandy coming with some big products soon.
skull candy sound the best out of all i have had but the jack can screw up easily, i have gone thru 3 pairs. I plan on possibly buying the beats by dre earbuds
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Dont do ear buds, Dr. Dre beats ftw
I wanna cop a pair .... but that joint gotta come with like a lifetime warranty or else imma be mad
...... when one ear goes out .... this happens every couple of weeks likeclockwork
I used to think Skullcandy was really good. Only because I used to only use apple headphones before switching to SC. SC is loud but at the same time itisn't clear. I didn't notice this until I switched to Sony. You guys should try Sony or V-moda. You'll notice a difference.
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