Why does Turntable.fm sound the way it does? Not like the radio or Sirius/XM.

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I've been hanging out over there for a little bit now and I find it very interesting that it's like a haven for the underground over there.  There's a definite bias for older rap and hip hop music and whenever something recent is played it's either underground or obscure.  
I'm confused because you would think that with the Facebook requirement it would be populated with the same millennials that run radio AND the new rap fanbase that just pushed Wayne to a near million scan release.

But no.

It's full of Termanology and OFWGKTA, and all kinds of wild stuff.  Why is that?  How come Turntable sounds the way it does?
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People still use this?

My answer is people want to hear something they don't normally hear. If they wanted the radio, they'll turn on the radio
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