Why I think PETA is a bunch of BS..with Regards to Vick


Dec 28, 2002
So there are about 30 Pit Bulls left in Kennels and shelters which were confiscated from Vicks home.

Well if they are not claimed by folks today, they will be put down.

Hmm.. Sooooo... they are going to KILL these same Dogs people are outraged over him fighting?

Why aren't groups like PETA and others who went down to the N.O. to rescue dogs and give them homes rescuing these dogs?

To me, PETA is a bunch of BS. Will they call for the jobs of the Court system or powers that be which have said these dogs will be put down today?

What a crock of @#%$.

They might as well set them free and be strays... right? I mean only owners make Pits mean right? So by themselves.. they won't fight each other and Humans...
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I posted up in the S&T forum on this as well....and it makes no sense.

What are Shelters for if they are not for Animals to stay in when they have no where else to go.

Why not let them be strays?

They don't kill Homeless People in Shelters...
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Rock you have a point. I agree...but they view Pitbulls as threats...and to let them go as strays will be increase the chance of a kid being attacked...once a dog is mistreated they are hard to handle....there's almost no going back.

People don't go to shelters to adopt Pits....because of that fear.
Still Counting.
What are Shelters for if they are not for Animals to stay in when they have no where else to go.

Well room is an issue for one.

Why not let them be strays?
Call your local shelter and tell them to cut loose 50 dogs that are scheduled to be put to sleep in your neighborhood, I'm sure that will endear you to your local homeowners association
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I'm not a big pet person myself, personally I see it as sort of a kid substitute for single people or couples that haven't had any yet and for me there's a REASON why I haven't had kids so why would I want a substitute? haha

Rockdeep, what Lavan is so true about the dogs. I know that once you mistreat a dog it is hard for them to function with a loving owner. My dog(Japanese akita) plays with a husky down the street and it took the owner of the husky a while to get his dog to be social and trust him. The husky apparent was left chained to a tree without any food(by a previous owner). The husky had to lay in its own fieces and kill cats to survive. My neighbor also had a dog which was suppose to be a police k-9 but was mistreated. Whenever the dog saw police officer and cars it would get vicious. As a dog lover, all I can say is if you can't give a pet the attention they need then leave them alone. Breeds like pitbulls, huskies, akitas and german shepeards are mostly hunting dogs and are very intelligent and protective so they can be easily trained for good or bad.
Sorry for the essay, just giving a prospective of a dog lover.
Once you good to being breed for foghting no going back.These are not humans that can change simple animals once taught to fight and kill,etc.. can't change that well.
Lol, silly argument, very silly argument. Firstly...these are dogs bred to fight. Therefore, they are more likely to attack, maim and kill any future owners and they were raised to be dog-aggressive, meaning they can't be around other dogs or else they will want to hurt/kill them. Thats what they were raised and trained to do. Not Pitbulls, I know MANY, MANY that are nice and docile but FIGHTING DOGS, they can never be 'normal house pets' by any stretch of the word. To even consider a dog for adoption after its been trained to fight is simply insane. They should be put down. Its unfortunate but for the safety of potential victims if these were out on the streets, you have to. Good going, Mike...SECONDLY, step your game up about PETA. They have some odd beliefs about euthenasia. They are rather quick to do it actually if it prevents, in their view, the suffering or pain of an animal. So, there ya go...
See the thing is that these pits have alread been trained to kill, and in the case of pitbulls, there is damn near no humanly possible way to reverse that.
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