Why is the UNDFTD NL Dunk going for an arm-and-a-leg?

Joined Aug 24, 2005
I own both the undefeated nl, and the union 180s...I dig the concept. Never thought of selling either pair.
Still not a fan of nl shoes, thou. And I own both nl air maxes also.
Joined Sep 27, 2005
How did no lining even become an option? It's easily the dumbest idea ever

Leave out the most comfortable part of the shoe on purpose?

Other than that, Ilike how they look but wouldn't buy them
Joined Nov 1, 2007
yea they weren't evem pricey. Now everything is hyped. i remember when de la souls went for like 230 at most. not its up to 350-450 i see pairs going for.and all black melvins also. 180 was the most now i see 3 bills for it
Joined Oct 15, 2006
why are people bumping old topics?

at the prices though.. i sold my worn pair to a friend for like $80, i think.

still got a fresh pair i'll break out in a year or two. NL wasn't that bad.. you just gotta size down a half or even a full sz.
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