Why NT? Somebody Explain.....(Pics)

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Originally Posted by piczon1983

Does that say "virginia" on her back? Please let that be her name, I dont wanna see that around my area

Maybe out in Richmond, Petersburg, or even out in the 757 since those areas are a little more slower than up here in the 703 area.

Those girls thinking they doing it big

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Originally Posted by AntonLaVey

Things like this make me really sad that I'm probably going to school in the south.
why you gotta diss the south? there are dumb fools everywhere.
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I actually like it. It's not professional or stylish, but it's creative. It looks just as "Stupid" as 90% of emo, goth, scene, guido, andthose extra tan japanese chicks with the anime vibe. All of them are "niche styles" if you ask me. And they're almost cool for the sakeof being different. But I'd lynch my own daughter if she did that. I'm cool with the red hair...sorta... (not the blue tho), but the kool-aid is a no-no.
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