Why Should we have Imports in the PBA?

Dec 27, 2005
I just don't get it, the Fiesta Cup reaped record attendances so that lead me to think that we should have just one cup ala nba and after all th games have been played the standings tell of the brackets where teams go tournament style...i feel like the championship willbe more valuable and meaningful and coveted that way...

well that's just me.
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Because the management sucks...?

Maybe they're giving chances to guys who can't play in the NBA become stars here.......
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If you only play with the same set of people, you do not improve. It is good that you get to compete with a different mix of players every now and then. The imports are supposed to be stronger and faster than the locals. Even if they play each other, having them on the floor presents a different look for the opponets, looks that you do not get when playing with the same sets of locals everytime.

That is why I do not play with bigballer23 anymore, "Walang challenge."


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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