Wide Feet and Nike SB Dunks Question??

Joined Feb 8, 2007
I've been a jordan/dvs/lakai shoe wearer my whole life and I just got my first pair of dunks today(tomatillo/metallic silver) any people with wide feet have any tips to fit better in these shoes?? besides surgery...

thanks in advance!
Joined Sep 2, 2007
i dont know how wide you're feet are, but i kinda have wide feet. i dont know how to make it fit better, but just loosen the laces a bit i guess.
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Joined Sep 12, 2003
I have wide feet, but I LOVE the SB dunks. Not a collector, I rock them as daily shoes. But I simply tie a know right at the base of the tip of the shoes string, then loosen them as much as possible. LOVE the way they feel that way.
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