Will AJ-XV be landing in Toronto?

Mar 11, 2007
Question for TDot NTers in the know, can anyone confirm this info? If it's not going to be major retailers, perhaps GDFT? Stolen Riches? Livestock? Da Zone?

Any knowledge is appreciated
I don't know if you check the JB forum, but I thought they were only going to be an online release.
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Actually if you can read it clearly states *Limited Online Release along with select NIKETOWN'S, select Urban Accounts...
If I recall correctly for those fire red spiz'ikes that released a while back, Da Zone had them in but not as a package...
They would be your best bet really.
nketlk member theprocessofbelief said yes, for canada the breds will hit Canadian reatailers at L'style (limited) quantities....
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They WERE supposed to. But I just received word that they were dropped due to lack of retailer interest. I am a little heated, as this happened a month orso back, and no word was sent out. Some western Canadian reps are just finding out this week.

Looks like if you want these, you gotta hit the online line-up with the rest of North America.

Again, apologies, I was giving the info I had at the time.
Dropped? Damn. Way to get my hopes up Nike Canada.
i might be able to get a few pairs via Flight Club from my dude in the states, obviously theres gonna be a tip for my man and u pay for shipping from statesbut if ur down and still interested let me know.

he will mark as gift low value not use UPS etc... etc... obviously but if there is duty it is not my or his fault

i will post final price not including possible duty soon as i find out but again this is not 100%
damn ima a FL Club member but i dont think it allows you to order if your from canada
U need a Credit Card with a US billing address BING23.....Apparently u can add a second address to your credit card to allow you have a US billing address soyou can by from retailers that only ship to the US..
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