Will be in Indianapolis in 2 weeks for the weekend, anything


Feb 25, 2005
Will be there to handle some Business, any worthwile spots?

Urban accounts?

If possible, address' ? digits? thanks in advance.

ps. I aint f'n with gary either :lol:

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damn so that's it for indy? I didn't think it would be that weak :smh:
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deveroes can be weak. but only spot i know of that has LS
I'm from the dirty gutter Cincinnati my city like none other.
No QS accounts then? or sb's? Im ok on my spizike's for now ( sarcasm) or anywhere with tee's?

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SBs are available at a store in Carmel Indiana called Rise Skateboard Shop. It's around 126th St and Rangeline Rd.

Deveroes probably has some sort of QS account. You may want to check out Harold Pener in Lafayette Square mall, but don't expect anything special.

Don't expect anything too special from Indianapolis (in terms of sneakers), period.
WANTED: Air Force 1 "Courir" sz 10.5, Air Max 360 white/m. silver/royal sz 11
AIM: ipg5 E-mail: ian0505@gmail.com[/center]
i from the the far east side of NAP and i never have a problem finding kicks....sorry to hear about the horror stories some of yall have....holla
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