Will Canada get the Aqua VIIIs?

Nov 30, 2002
they SHOULD be at footlockers, but how available???
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I assume they'll be released same as the fire red IIIs and black Vs quantity. However its been a while since the last hot sneaker dropped and I assume a lot of guys will want to buy it. Everyone from the collector, to the novice shoe head, to the store employee and especially the hypebeast will make this a release day sell out. So my advice for anyone planning to get a pair is to get there before the store opens.
sell me DS Jordans size 10, you find on sale!!! Don't care if they're from an outlet, just get them cheap
I got mine on lock. Pre-orders. :smokin
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Are you serious? Yes Aqua's are releasing as previously stated, price is either $219.99 or $229.99...plus tax of coarse. And DAMN YOU Apocalypz and your hook ups!!! *shakes fist*
They are a GR, no need to panic they'll be everywhere come the 22nd in decent quantity.
joey, im no longer a footlocker employee, but ill be transfering to the fredericton footlocker in time for these bad boys i think
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^^^ i saw em at da zone the other day, theyre pretty different from the OGs IMO but quality was decent i guess
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we will talk joey, get at me via facebook or msn
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i heard the quality is nice. looks exactly like the OG... price tag is $220 plus tax meanwhile US price tag is $140
Footlocker is doing pre-orders for these, as well as DTRT Spiz'ikes; At least at the downtown locations.
negative to the looks like og, the colours are mad @#%$
416 And 250 Canada

Looking For DS Chicago Xs size 9-10.5

DS Penny IVs Size 10 100$ CAD OBO
DS AF1 MID Orange NYC Edition Size 10 110$ CAD OBO
DS Laney V Size 9.5 (Yellowing) 325$ CAD OBO
DS Space Jam XI Size 9.5 (Minor Yellowing) 450$ CAD OBO
I don't know about those DTRT Spiz'ikes - just not for me. I did the DTRT 3s, but the Spiz'ikes are a definite no. Is the $219.99 CAD price tag on the Aqua VIIIs a for sure thing? I'm still waiting on the word for the Aquas. I'm trying to pick up some extra pairs, you'll see it my sig closer to release.
Yes. $220 is the confirmed retail price.
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these should be steadily available, Athletes World Polo Park jin Winnipeg just got them in yesterday. Full size run plus an extra size 10, 11, and 12. i believe the size 8, 9, 9.5, 10.5, and both 11's are already spoken for. not too sure about that though.

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so is anybody going to avoid paying high Canadian retail prices, and going to go with US connections?
selling OLNL size 10.5 for $300can
Yeah, I'm going to be hitting up my spots south of the border. I'm just waiting to hear from my people what sizes their locations are getting in. Some of my dudes are trying to tell me they're supposedly getting less units in than the stupid "DTRT Spiz'ikes". Oh well, hit me up and I can see what I can do.
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