William Jones Cup Invitational

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Can anyone school me who's playin for the Phillipines team?

Quote:[hr][/hr]Im gonna average 10 points, 12-13 dimes, 2-3 assist and 4 to 5 rebounds - Starbury[hr][/hr]
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kelly williams
gabe norwood
kerby raymundo
jimmy alapag
mark caguioa
asi taulava
renren ritualo
mick pennisi
dondon hontiveros
danny seigle

hmm.. there's more but i can't remember.

most of the nike endorsers on the team are either in white/black/gold zoom soldiers or white/white/silver kobe 2s though.
pardon me,
i had to
laugh at that.
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kelly williams - F
gabe norwood - G
kerby raymundo - F
jimmy alapag - PG
mark caguioa - G
asi taulava - C
renren ritualo - SG
mick pennisi - F/C
dondon hontiveros - G
jay-jay healterbrand - PG
nino caneleta -F
erick menk - F
james yap - SG
& ranidel de ocampo - F...

Some are wearing nikes...

The likes of Caguioa, Healterbrand (Official Endorsers) and Pennisi are wearing their Accels ..
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oh yeah, kelly williams was in some fire reds against korea, haven't seen the last couple games.

i really think ren should get some more PT though - dude is the truth from 3.
pardon me,
i had to
laugh at that.
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