woman offered 8 million for 15 years of her life vol....would you?

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If someone offered you eight million dollars for 15 years of exclusive access to your life, would you do it? That’s the question Rola Misaki, a 22-year-old film star, is grappling with after an anonymous businessman (in a mask, no less) offered her that sum of money for undisclosed services.

the indecent proposal occurred when both Misaki and the businessman were at an event together in Beijing. No one knows why the man was masked, but the most likely guess is that hes ugly.

Misaki, who’s half-Japenese and half-Russian, is a popular star in China and her fans, according to Metro, are sad to see her possibly disappear from the spotlight.

‘Nooo! She can’t leave us like this,’ said GuangY, one of her 4.8million followers on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Mai86 added: ‘She’s one of the best, a natural. I can’t believe she’s gone off with this man.’

No news on whether she’s accepted yet. Would you?
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you got heifers out chea sleeping with Hef for a lot less, so i don't see what the big deal is with this...plus she's already in the industry of paid fornication so
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Hope she got the musket on her

Homie look like he'll snatch her up when nobody looking.
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Don't really see anything wrong with this.

Some of these rappers and athletes getting caught up for 18 years.
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If my maf is correct wat hes giving her is not even one percent of wat he has.
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Her agent should fight for her to get a player option after 3 years just in case she outperforms her contract
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"Personal assistant"
She assisting him alright but not with work...

2015 and ****** is out here buying sex slaves. Ain't that some ****?
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