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I'd do nasty things to that woman in black. The circumference of dem thighs.
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Who's the chick in the bikini?? Her name is on the tip of my tongue..... 8^
Melissa Ford
I googled her name right after I typed that lmao... Yeah, she lives up to the hype
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My favorite outfit on a woman is this outfit. It leaves something to the imagination for sure, and it's soooooo sexy. Now the girl I'm about to post is Hurt, but her outfit says it all to me. I've seen my Vietnamese sistas sport this, as well as Middle Eastern, and Latin women rocking this at Vietnamese weddings. My GOD, you have to see this in person, the outfit is mysterious, yet it's sooo revealing.

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Part of the reason I love winter time.

...Hell, I guess I just love seeing women in general, because the summer is very much appreciated. lol
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Originally Posted by SShanique

That first lady has cellulite.
What happen to you posting your non cellulitic phatty, tho?

If I am not mistaken this is OP's second female post thats full of win.

Keep up the good work kid.  

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always loved this picture, anyone seen her in "two can play that game" I believe that was the movie but I'm infatuated with her
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