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Dec 28, 2002
I originally posted this in the DC/VA/MD Forum, but with requirements now going to all 50 states, I am opening up this oppurtunity to all qualified NT members.

I am presently looking for people's resume's who are in the Technology Field . This could possibly move you into a new tax bracket or get you started in the field you want to be in, or put you in a better place career wise.

If your interested, please send ONLY resumes with questions you may have.. not just questions: To the following email.

Even if your job title is not listed below, it may be categorized as something else, and I may still be able to use you. Thanks and good luck.

P.S. I do not need recruiters, as I have my own resources, just qualified and interested folks from all 50 states.

Once you have submitted it, and we call you back we will discuss salary. You can also list your salary requirements in the email to me.


Positions I am going to be filling for this project within the month and on will be but are not limited to:

Configuration Management Specialist
Application Developer/Programmer
Application Programmer
Application Systems Analyst
Applications Engineer
Business Case Analyst
Business Case Specialist
Database Analyst/Programmer
Database Management Specialist
Deployment Manager
Deployment Technician
Disaster Recovery Specialist
Functional Analyst
Hardware Technician
Help Desk Manager
Help Desk Specialist
Information Engineer (Principal)
Information Resource Management Analyst
Information Technology Consultant
Information Technology Training Specialist
IT Security Specialist (Senior)
LAN/Deskside Support Technician
Project Control Specialist
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Analyst
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Specialist
Subject Matter Expert
System Developer
System Operations Manager
System Operator
Systems Administrator
Systems Architect
Systems Draftsman
Systems Engineer
Technical Writer/Editor
Test Engineer
Training Specialist
Voice Communications Manager
Web Architect
Web Content Administrator
Web Designer
Web Software Developer

Nike/Brand Jordan
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The Fake Police ?
So basically I'm hired on recognizance?


Seriously though, Hit me up with more details regarding what all your looking for, consulting/analysis wise I'd be interested. Also, to discuss the other project.
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